4 Tips to Work From Home like a Pro

30 Mar , 2020

With the 2nd week of lockdown starting in Nepal, you might have realized that your Work from Home is not going according to your plan. In case you are new to working from home, you might have realized that working from home is way less productive in comparison to working from the office.

With the uncertainty to this crisis lingering around, you might have to stay and work from home longer than you’ve planned. Therefore, here are 4 tips that will be helpful to make your work from home a success and for you to stay productive:

  1. Find the right spot

If you are working from your bed or sitting on a bean bag, then it is a high time you ban those places during working hours. Though it is very comfortable, you need to separate your work and personal space. And finding a right spot helps you to increase your productivity. You can even place a flower pot or the books you are currently reading to add a little vibrant energy. Setting an ideal workplace can be your small DYI project.

  1. Set a schedule. Set an objective

It is important for you to set an objective when you start your day. This will keep you stay focused on your work and sticking to it will make you feel productive. You can also update your to-do list with your supervisor, so they can check on you in case you lose the track.

  1. Figure out the most productive period

Different people are productive at different period of time. You might feel energized in the morning, while others might feel evening is the best time to work. It is important to know your productive hours, so you can plan your day accordingly. The best part of this quarantine is you don’t have to stick to your 9 to 5 job routine. If you are productive in the morning, you can start your work early and leave the desk early.  Make sure you are utilizing your productive hours to the best.

  1. Communicate with your colleague

If you are an extrovert, this isolation might be turning out to be very difficult for you. Therefore, you are highly advised to talk to your colleagues. The talk can be about anything to everything, from work related to the dinner you’re cooking. But in the end, stay intact and communicate the work both you and your colleagues are associated with. Also, inform your department regarding your schedule and availability, your finished projects and important task that you are working on. 

Working from home amid this crisis can be a little hectic, but utilizing your working hours can give you a sense of achievement and there won’t be a pile of work waiting for you when your office finally starts. Win-Win!

Let us know, how you have been utilizing your days at home?

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