Hacks for Virtual Meetings

01 Apr , 2020

The key to working from home is communication with your team. And most of us in SIPRADI are using Microsoft Teams to connect with our team for the virtual meetings.

Here are the few features you might be missing:

  1. Slash and Search

As we are already in the 2nd week of the nation Lockdown, your team account might be flooded with various information and messages. Therefore, you might be having trouble to find the essentials you wish to. For this, you can use slash command to search the message, files or calls you are looking for.

For example:

/files or /the keyword you are looking for will help you sort it out quickly.


  1. Share only essentials

If you are using Teams for your meeting during this lockdown, you might already know that you can share your screen with the other attendees. But do you know that you can also control the certain application you wish to share? Unlike screen sharing in other platforms, here you can choose the only application, like Ms. Excel or Ms. PowerPoint to share with other attendees.


  1. Bookmark for future

Similar to your email, where you can mark your priority mails, you can also bookmark the conversation, which you believe will be required in the future. All you have to do is, press on the conversation and save it for the future.


  1. Sync your SharePoint

One of the best features of using Microsoft Teams is you can sync other sites here. As we use SharePoint at SIPRADI, you can now simply sync your SharePoint account here, so that you do not have to use multiple windows and even share it with your team. But make sure you are using VPN!


  1. Schedule your meeting first

Before you start a meeting, you can share the meeting details, including your meeting agenda, invitees and access previous meeting notes and recording using Teams. This will help everyone to be on a same page before the meeting starts. Also, you can use Microsoft Teams to cloud record your meeting with the automatic transcript for future reference.


  1. Mute the unwanted attendees

You cannot control the noise or behavior of the attendees during the virtual meeting, but you can use the Mute Feature to avoid the interruptions and conduct the meeting smoothly.


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