4 Self-learning skills to enhance your career

05 Apr , 2020

With the ongoing situation not getting any better, there is a chance we might be stuck at home for more than we anticipated. However, the good part is now we have a time, we always complained not having to learn new things. So, here are the list of professional classes you can sign up to enhance your career. 


1. Learn the essentials of Graphic Designing

As the businesses are moving towards e-commerce and digital, graphic designing is one skill that can really be a plus point in your career development. And now that you have time in your hand, you can sign up for the basic courses or look for the tutorials that are easily available on the internet. You can even start the photoshop class. In case of difficulty in understanding, you can always seek help from your friends who are experts in these field.


2. Enhance Your Photography Skills

It doesn’t matter whether you have a DSLR or a camera phone, it is the techniques and passion that is essential in learning photography. In case, you are bored at home, then you can join online photography classes and groups on social media to hone your photography skills. And whether you are in marketing team or a product development department, good photos are always appreciated in the company. 


3. Learn a foreign language

Do you wish to watch Money Heist in their original language, but don’t know Spanish? Why not join a free online Spanish class and enjoy the authenticity of the show? Learning a second, third or even fourth language adds extra points on your work as well as on your resume. And in case your job requires a lot of travelling, then this might be the time to learn a new language to make your work travel more fun.  


4. Learn to code

By learning to code, you might not be able to be a cool hacker they show in thrillers, but it will definitely help you understand the logical flow of the context. Therefore, learning a simple coding skill in Java or PHP can be useful while building your own website and apps.  



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